Three Steps to Internship

Many companies are looking for interns in Chennai.  Internships are one of the best tools for finding interesting companies to work for and learn while you are still studying. This includes us and some of our partners. Here are three simple steps to get an internship:
  1. Learn Python using:
    1. Free Python Learning Material
    2. Take one or more of the Free Online Courses
  2. Contact us and take our simple programming challenge
  3. Write one or more blog posts about your experience in doing 1 and 2.
We look for three attributes from our interns:
  • Interest and ability to learn on you own (with some guidance)
  • Interest in programming (exploring ideas, building prototypes etc.)
  • Ability to communicate well
You need not come to our offices every day. You can work from home or our facility at the TBI. We can interact through chats and face to face meetings as needed (typically once a week).  

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