MicroApp Challenge

MicroApp Challenge is a virtual event where you create and launch a small app focused towards solving one simple problem (hence micro). The first iteration should take a few days to a couple of weeks. 

Why are we doing this?

This is one of our skill building events. The idea is to learn by building something useful. We observed that many beginners, especially students, are looking for simple problems to solve and MicroApp Challenge provides them with this opportunity.

How does it work?

Once every two weeks, we describe a small problem that can be built and launched as a web application. The participants have 10 days to build this app and showcase it. We test these apps and provide feedback. We may pick two or three implementations and recognize them with token awards.

Participants can use any technology stack for the front end (html/JavaScript with Bootstrap/Vue.js/React.js/Angular.js or others) and write a backend in their favorite language – Java, C#, Python, PHP, Node JS or Ruby and use their favorite web framework.

How to submit the application?

You can host the application and make the URL available for testing. We may want the selected applications to be open sourced on github with a  liberal license like MIT or BSD. 

How do we plan to evaluate the application?

We use the following criteria for evaluation:

  1. Functionality – How many features are implemented as specified
  2. Error Handling – How well does it handle various errors
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