Teaches you how to build web applications with Python. We use a couple of simple (also known as micro) frameworks to build applications. Here is what we will cover.

  • Creating a web app with Python
  • Elements of a Web App
  • Using a Micro Framework
  • Why Use a Framework
  • Concepts – Models, views, controllers
  • Building A simple tag cloud
  • Building a database app
  • Building a Twitter App
  • Other options for building web apps
  • Web apps as components
  • Web apps as REST based services
  • Some of the more popular (and probably powerful) frameworks like Django

At the end of this course, you will be comfortable building your own web apps using Python and some of the popular micro-frameworks. You will also have enough knowledge to explore other options.

Course Duration:

  • 25 hours of lectures +
  • 25 hours of lab work  +
  • 50 hours of online project work

Type of course:

Blended (a mix of online and offline )


On demonstrating the capability to build one of the apps provided as a project

Course Fee:

Rs 5000 (discounts for students)

Location of the Course:



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