Brief Description

My news paper is an application that creates your own news paper from a variety  of news sources.


  1. Topics you may be interested in (Sports, Business, Tech etc.) (2 to 10 topics)
  2. Keywords for filtering the topic, also known as sub-topics (for example Sport->Cricket, Business->Startups, Tech->Python, Javascript) (1 to 10 keywords per topic)


A newspaper gathers news about your topics and the sub-topics. You can create a newspaper in your own format. You can get some inspiration from:

Features – Essential

  1. Find a set of newspapers which support RSS feeds or look at newspapers that support NewsML format. 
  2. Gather news items from RSS feeds
  3. Filter them based on topics, sub-topics
  4. List the news items in a SPA (single page app)
  5. For each news item, extract the first paragraph and display it as a snippet
  6. For each news item, extract key phrases (one or two word terms) and create tags

Features – Desirable

  1. Remove duplicates or group similar items (you can do this with a set of simple rules or using vectorization and similarity scores)
  2. Registration/Login
  3. Allow users to add/delete news sources
  4. Allow users to edit topics/sub topics

Features – Nice to have

  1. Allow users to control the layout  (list view, grid view, split view similar to Google News)
  2. A linked tag cloud of terms and clicking on a term will display all the news items that contain the term in the title+first paragraph
  3. Add a real time search filter. When a user types a term (word or phrase)  – it filters the results by the term and shows only those items that contain the term.

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