Word Skills Game

Improve your word skills with WSG.

Core Game


  1. You are given a list of valid words (one word per line) in a file. This is your reference list (dictionary).
  2. Display a 6 letter word  (from a given dictionary) JUMBLED (mixed up) 
    •  For example ORANGE jumbled as AEGNOR
  3. The user can type any 3,4,5,6 letter words using exactly the same letters in the original word – AGE, NOR,  RANGE,  GORE,  GEAR, RAGE etc.
  4. As the user types each letter, it is removed from the original display so that the user knows what letters are left. A backspace will put the letter back in the word


User types Modified Word    

User Types Display
G ENOR     
<backspace> ENOR
  1. The formed words must be valid (check against a given dictionary)
  2. User completes the word by hitting <Enter> or <Return>
  3. The whole word in its jumbled form is restored (so that user can start typing the next word)
  4. A score is given for each correct word 
  5. 5 for valid 3 letter words, 10 for 4 letter words, 20 for 5 letter words and 100 for the full six letter word
  6. An accumulated score is displayed all the time and the time left (in seconds)
  7. When the time expires one of the following happens
  8. If the user gets more than a certain score (say 100),  (s)he is allowed to keep the score of the game and continue. As long as they keep winning (getting the six letter words) they can keep accumulating the score
  9. At the end the game will display all the possible words (the user typed words and the missing words). This is the learning part.

Your job:

  • Implement the game as shown below
  • You can change the background and colors of the buttons etc.
  • You can use this UI as a guideline but can come up with your own UI that does something similar.
  • You may use the dictionary file from this link – Github


Note: This game is inspired by Word Scramble on Android but it is a subset. You may want to download and play that game to get a feel. 


Changes from Word Scramble;

  1. No time limit for any word (useful for learners) – Because of this you may need to add a button to go to the next game or logic to automatically go to next game when all the words are filled. 
  2. In each session you can play multiple games (no time limit)
  3. Score accumulates across sessions (you an login any time an play the game.The game remembers the words it served you so that they do not repeat)
  4. You can change the background and colors of the buttons etc.
  5. The words need not have letter separators

Stretch Goals

Stretch goals are for experienced developers. 


If you finish the base game ahead of time, you can implement as many of the features below, as you can.

  • Implement – Jumble Again (this will re-arrange the letters of the word randomly but make sure that the original word is never shown). Users can request “Jumble” many times.
  • Make all the words the user missed as hyperlinks to a dictionary entry. When you click on this word (or touch it) show a dictionary entry – meaning, usage
  • Give an option for users to store all the missed words in their profile and make them available through settings
  • Add music

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